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Vertical cooling milk storage tank stainless steel

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This equipment is made on the basis of the imported technology of 90's.It takes round-type and straight wall large-sized area cooling modes.It is controlled through a specialied fully auto control system.The operator can observe the operation processing at one station.The cooled raw dairy can be cooled down to the required temperature of 4-5℃ and reserve their temperature constantly,which can prevent the bacteria producing in order to keep the raw dairy at the A level state.The imported refrigerator compressor until and the compressor that is of higher performance,energy saving and fully closed type are adopted.It is assembled with high liquid level auto control system,auto circulation spraing system and mixer.

The tank body is made of quality stainless steel(SUS304)

The temperature reserving layer adopted the polyurethane foam technology.As a result,its heat isolation is sound.This equipment is applicable for dairy center,ranch,professional cow raisers as an ideal dairy storing and cooling equipment.

Storage temperature:40℃-4℃

Construction mode:vertical and horizontal


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