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JTM-L50 vertical colloid mill


Description of the use of JTM series colloid mill:

JTM series colloid mill can according to the special requirements of users to provide multifunctional idling operation, machine sealing contact with the medium absolutely, the machine has good sealing performance, prevent volatile, flammable, explosive and high health and can work under vacuum conditions, especially suitable for: the use of essence, spice, medicine, medicine, petroleum, chemical, fine chemical, biological agents, plant protein, animal protein, beer, food, colleges and universities, research laboratories and other areas of the industry. So as to achieve explosion proof, prevent the volatile or stimulate the working environment of the effective components of the processing material, and ensure the quality of the material. Can make the processing of materials to be more effective than the cycle of processing to achieve the desired results.

1. the scope of use

Food industry

Chemical industry

Daily chemical industry

Other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, rare earth, nano materials and military and other new materials.

2. working principle

JTM series colloid mill the basic working principle of shearing and grinding and high-speed stirring force, crushing and grinding on the relative motion of the grinding tooth bevel and into which a high-speed rotation and another static materials gear through the slope of the materials subjected to high shear force and friction of great and under the effect of high frequency vibration and the high speed vortex complex force causes the material to grind, emulsification, grinding, mixing, dispersion and homogeneous, so as to obtain the fine ultramicron smashing higher benefits.

3. equipment structure

JTM-L50 vertical colloid mill series structure

1 base 2 motor 3 shell 4 main shaft 5 mechanical seal assembly 6 handle 7 positioning screw 8 feed hopper 9 feed channel 10 rotary knife 11 adjusting plate 12 static disc 13 millstones 14 circular tube

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