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Stainless steel TANK series

Kinds of tank series such as mixing tank,preparation tank,permentation tank,electric heating tank etc.

Jacketed kettle

Stainless steel jacketed kettle,steam jacketed kettle,electric steam kettle etc...

Stainless steel JTM colloid mill series

JTM vertical colloid mill series,JTM split type colloid mill series,JTM horizontal colloid mill series...

ForeignTrade Enterprise SiteWenzhou Huilin Trade Co.,Ltd(WenzhouKexin Light Industry Machinery ) is our factory specialized in design and manufacturing of fluid equipment and fittings.Our business covers such industries as beverage engineering,alcohol engineering,food engineering,water treatment engineering,biopharmacy,chemical industry and health products.We have 3 factories,with a total land area of 286 thousand square meters,a total construction area of 169 thousand square meters and fixed assets of RMB0.7 billion Yuan. Over 20 years since its establishment,our company has won reliance from domestic and overseas customers and great support from relevant governmental departments.We have been certified to the ISO9001-2000 quality system and HACCP food safety management system,and awarded many honorable titles such as "Reliable Enterprise","Contract Honoring and Credit keeping Unit","Class AAA Creditable Enterprise",one of "Top Ten Famous Brands in China's Beverage Machinery Industry",etc. OUr company has gathered a contingent of high-tech talents with rich practical experience who have long been engaged in technichal research and engineering application of beverage equipment.Through introducing advanced technology from hone and abroad,we have worked with many domestic and overseas scientific research institutes to develop many new types of equipment on the basis of traditional beverage equipment,and according to market demands and through long-term in-depth study of products,we are continuously providing old and new customers with first-class products and service and offering strong technical support for the brilliant career of beverage enterprises. .. Read more


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1.All the products warranty:1year,have been certified to ISO9001-2000 quality system and HACCP food safety management system.

2.We promise all the materials are stainless steel;

3.Export standard packing.


We have the full of production line and on time delivery.




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